Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs

Bosch spark plugs are the first choice for vehicle manufacturers, engine technicians and motoring enthusiasts throughout the world. Bosch designs every spark plug to meet the specific requirements of each engine, ensuring the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Spark plugs are one of the most important components in vehicles with a gasoline engine. They are not only responsible for ensuring reliable starting but also play a crucial part in attaining optimum engine performance and dependable operation. This applies particularly to modern engine management systems, where spark plugs and their design are gaining in significance.

The purpose of a spark plug is to ensure controlled combustion of the fuel in the engine. To do so a high voltage generated by the ignition coil is introduced into the combustion chamber and the compressed fuel/air mixture is then ignited by the electric spark passing between the electrodes.

Bosch put a lot into research and de

velopment and are thus constantly launching new series spark plugs to satisfy the highest requirements. This means: Lower consumption, reduced emissions and a more compact size. Being aware of the value of such innovative technology, the international automotive industry is always keen to work closely with Bosch right from the start.

The particular features of Bosch development work:

  • Maximum precision as a matter of principle: Virtually tolerance-free production as well as new developments in terms of geometry, materials and manufacturing methods.
  • New materials: High-grade platinum, iridium and rhodium alloys help to counteract spark plug wear.
  • Exact positioning of the ignition sparks in the combustion chamber area is guaranteed by a long spark position.
  • An oriented ground electrode ensures reliable ignition for spray-guided direct injection engines.
  • Extremely compact installation dimensions: More scope for engine designers.
  • Computer simulation: On the way to a perfect spark plug for gasoline direct injection engines with a worldwide unique simulation method.
  • Substitute for expensive platinum: Bosch are researching into highly reliable electrode and contact materials with a view to reducing the cost and increasing the service life of spark plugs.

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