Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen Sensors

Bosch Oxygen Sensor

Bosch Oxygen Sensors

Bosch Oxygen Sensors available online and delivered to your door. Bosch Oxygen Sensors are of premium quality and engineering. Renew your oxygen sensor for lower emissions and greater fuel economy.Using a patented submersible connection system, Bosch Oxygen Sensors protect against contamination whilst withstanding extreme temperatures and engine vibration. The heated sensor contains a mix of oxides including zirconium, yttrium and other elements to form a tough base, for best-in-class performance and maximum service life. Too much oxygen in the exhaust gases indicates a lean mixture, which can cause performance problems. Too little oxygen indicates a rich mixture, which wastes fuel and results in excess emissions. Almost all petrol powered vehicles newer than 1986 have at least one oxygen sensor, and newer than 1996 often have two. Replacing a worn-out oxygen sensor will do more than improve your vehicle’s performance, reducing harmful exhaust emissions. It can save you hundreds a year in fuel costs.

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