Xenon Gas Discharge Globes

Hella Xenon Gas Discharge Globes

Xenon globes use an electric current passed through Xenon gas to produce light, rather than a filament. Not only does this method require minimal electric current draw compared to filament lighting, it is also very close to natural daylight.

As the human eye is designed to see in daylight, Xenon lighting reduces eyestrain, making them a more comfortable and safer lighting option. It also highlights road signs and reflective markings more effectively. Hella Xenon Globes are available in D1S and D2S.

- Twice the light of standard halogen globes with less than half the power consumption.

- Light colour very similar to daylight – effectively reduces eye strain and driver fatigue.

- Steady level of brightness – even if power supply varies.

- Impact and vibration resistant light arc ensures a service life five times longer than standard halogen globes.

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