Solar Controllers

Solar panels capture the sunlight converting it into useable electric power, however without a solar controller to regulate this power it will ultimately damage your battery through excessive charge and even discharge at night. Projecta offers an extensive range of automatic solar charge controllers in both 2 stage and 3 stage models with varying amperage ratings. Each of the controllers can be left connected indefi nitely to the battery keeping it fully charged, monitoring its condition and performing a process called ‘float’ charge to keep the battery in optimum condition.



2 stage controllers are suitable for use on automotive batteries while 3 stage controllers can be used on both automotive and deep cycle batteries. The additional stage called ‘absorption’ ensures the battery receives a full and comprehensive charge whilst monitoring the battery’s condition to ensure it isn’t overcharged.


2 Stage Automatic 12V Solar Charge Controllers
Controls the power going into your battery from your solar panels.


3 Stage Automatic 12/24V 10A Solar Charge Controller
Safe to leave permanently attached, this sophisticated solar controller is ideal for panels capable of producing up to 10 Amps. Delivering a comprehensive 3 stage charge, the SC310 is ideal for deep cycle batteries.


3 Stage Automatic 12/24V 20A Solar charge controller
Ideally suited to solar panels producing up to 20A, the SC320 is a highly advanced controller that delivers a comprehensive 3 stage charge. Ideal for caravans where multiple solar panels are used for remote charging.

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