Weather Pack Series Sealed Connectors

Weather Pack Connectors  Weather Pack Connectors

Weather Pack Series Sealed Connectors

Weather Pack connectors are made for signal level circuits in harsh environmental conditions where even a small degradation in the connection may be critical. Special materials and seals are used to allow the connector to withstand conditions of extreme temperature, moisture and even submersion. The connector employs a pin and sleeve-type terminal. The pin flexes outward to maintain contact with the sleeve and is therefore called a flexpin. The sleeve has a laplock to reduce relaxation. Rated at up to 20 amps DC, the housings incorporate a positive locking latch and a secondary lock on the contacts. The one (1) to six (6) circuit housings are designed to be used in line or mounted by insertion of a Weather Pack mounting clip. The twenty-two (22) circuit connector is designed to be bulkhead mounted. Male plugs mate with male pins.

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