Hella Jumbo Driving Lights

Hella Jumbo Driving Lights

Hella Black Magic LED Lightbars


The HELLA Black Magic Series of Light Bars are available in 25 different variants for on or off-road use. The unmistakable black design down to the last screw combines good looks and excellent operation. It’s quite simple: everything is black – from every angle and perspective. However, the design with subtle HELLA branding isn’t the only unmistakable feature.

With up to 80 LEDs, an effective light output of up to 20,000 lumens leaves absolutely nothing in the dark. The light bars are available in a range of lengths as “Slim” and as “Double Row” and for the first time are now also available as curved variants. All models are equipped with a temperature control system: it adjusts the light bars temperature, protecting against overheating and regulating the light output in cold ambient temperatures.

Mounted upright or pendant, the mounting angles are freely adjustable and thus adaptable to any situation. Bring on the dirt and grime, the HELLA Black Magic Light Bars are up for anything and everything. They boast the highest dust and water resistance class, they are totally robust and have a particularly long lifetime – ideal for the unique Australian conditions, no matter on which track you happen to be driving. Absolute freedom that you can feel and see. On or Off the road!

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