Jumper Cables

Jumper Cables and Booster Cables

A Complete range of jumper cables are now on offer consisting of the D.I.Y. retail kits, workshop cables and Premium Heavy Duty Nitrile Booster Cables.

Almost all jumper cables are surge protected with heavy duty units protected by Spikeguard and many offer solid brass clamps.

DIY & Workshop Booster Cables

D.I.Y booster cables feature insulated clamps and surge protection making them suitable for passenger vehicles. Workshop booster cables feature heavy duty cable, fully insulated clamps with bridging strap and surge protection.

Premium Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

Manufactured using double-insulated, nitrile battery cable with extra heavy duty brass clamps. The surge protector includes L.E.D battery level indication. Supplied in a convenient carry bag.

Surge Protectors

Brass battery clamps are fully insulated with a bridging strap to ensure both sides of the clamp are active. A range of surge protectors are available to fit most battery cable sizes.

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