Delphi GT 280 Series

Delphi GT 280 Series

Delphi's GT Connectors feature tangless terminals and offer one of the lowest connector engage forces in the industry. Designed for both 1.50 and 2.80 mm blade width applications, GT achieves electrical performance that meets USCAR standards.

Delphi's GT Connectors were developed with global customer input at every design phase and have a small package size suited to fit the shrinking space requirements of today's vehicles. The GT Connectors include:

  • Tangless terminals with stamped serrations
  • Pump-handle primary locks with integrated Connector Position Assurance (CPA)
  • Secondary lock capabilities including Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) and Primary Lock Reinforcement (PLR) with positive connector seal retention or a Slide Lock Cover (SLC) for unsealed systems
  • Female terminals are compatible with ISO or SAE blades

The following GT Connectors are available:

  • 150 Series
  • 280 Series
  • Headers
  • Lever Lock
  • Mixed Series
  • SlimLine

GT 150 and 280 Series connectors are available in both sealed and unsealed versions in cavity variations between 2-way and 16-way.

Lever Lock connectors utilize a mechanical assist lever which is used to provide a mating force below 75 N. This helps facilitate the hand-mating of high content connections, replacing the need for traditional bolt-together connections. Value is provided with the following:

  • High content (18 terminations and above)
  • Mixed blade size capability (0.64 mm to 8.00 mm)
  • Small package size
  • Hand-mateable
  • Industry leading engage force
  • Available assembled or unassembled
  • Male blade protection
  • Available sealed or unsealed 

Mixed Series connectors combine both 150 and 280 series terminals in the same connector. Typically, 280 series terminal cavities are located in the outside corners of the connector. This series is available as a 12-way and 16-way sealed and unsealed.

SlimLine connectors are designed for applications that require close (3.5 mm) centerlines. The SlimLine was designed as a drop-in replacement for pull-to-seat connections, or connections where cable is pulled through the connector, terminated, and pulled back to seat the terminal. SlimLine provides the small package size of pull-to-seat connections, as well as the simplified manufacturing process and reduced repair and service costs of push-to-seat connections.


  • Tangless terminals for durable design
  • Low engage force for improved reliability and ergonomics
  • Pump-handle primary lock for lower engage and easy disassembly
  • Secondary lock, Connector Position Assurance(CPA) and Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) capabilities for improved system design
  • Mates to ISO, SAE blades for compatibility
  • Conforms to USCAR design footprint for broad application flexibility
  • Cam lever/mechanical assist for hand engage/disengage
  • Optimized content packaging for electrical performance equal to less space efficient terminations
  • Pre-staged male blade stabilizer for superior male blade protection
  • Mixed terminal capability for design flexibility
  • Protected seal interface for superior connection reliability
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