Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Parts

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Parts

Bosch Auto Parts

Auto parts from Bosch: Quality you can rely on

When it comes to new vehicle equipment, many vehicle manufacturers trust Bosch. Workshops and motorists also rely on this quality when service parts are needed: Whether it be modern lighting or braking systems, durable batteries, premium windshield wipers or cabin filters to reduce pollution – Bosch offers everything to make motorists safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.

Bosch Windshield Wipers

For a guaranteed clear view: Wiper blades from Bosch

Wiper blades from Bosch can be relied on for perfect wiper action, even under extremely adverse weather conditions.

The motorists' choice for best visibility and maximum safety: Readers of the magazines "Auto Motor und Sport" and "Auto Bild" have voted for Bosch as the best make in the "Wiper blade" category again.

Bosch Automotive Bulbs

Bosch automotive bulbs for better visibility, added safety:

Bosch automotive bulbs meet the most stringent quality standards because when it comes to repairs a properly functioning lighting system is a top priority. Our bulbs stand for reliability and durability, enhancing road safety and improve driving comfort by providing excellent road illumination without dazzling oncoming traffic.

Bosch Drive Belts

Quality is our motivation: Drive belts and kits from Bosch

Drive belts from Bosch guarantee top performance day in, day out. Despite being subjected to considerable mechanical, chemical and thermal loads, they offer unbeatable safety, reliability and economical operation.

To maintain the high performance level and reliability of vehicle drive systems, drive belts, tensioning rollers, idler and guide rollers should be replaced at the recommended intervals.

Bosch Spark Plugs

Quality which sets the standard: Spark plugs from Bosch

Bosch spark plugs are the first choice for vehicle manufacturers, engine technicians and motoring enthusiasts throughout the world. Bosch designs every spark plug to meet the specific requirements of each engine, ensuring the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Bosch Brakes

No compromises when it comes to safety

Bosch started manufacturing brake components since 1927, working on exceptionally stringent quality standards.

Bosch braking components help enhance the safety of the vehicle occupants and improve driver convenience. And our commitment to braking continues with the launch of Bosch’s new Blue Line of brake pads.

Bosch – your first choice in braking.

Bosch Electronics and Accessories

Good to Know It’s There: Bosch Electrical Accessories

Whether you need replacement switches for your vehicle, installation equipment for the workshop, a secure electrical connection for a trailer, or a standard socket for retrofitting – you can count on Bosch electrical accessories. The range is comprehensive. First-class Bosch quality that impresses with reliability and durability.

Bosch Lighting Technology

A Shining Example of Top Quality: Bosch Lighting Technology

Bosch lighting technology satisfies the highest standards and offers exactly the right product for every application.

Bosch Parking Aid

Safety and comfort when parking

Parking in tight spaces can be truly nerve-racking, not to mention expensive if a vehicle gets scratched in the process. With the Bosch Park Pilot URF7, parking becomes much easier and safer for you. It's a worthwhile purchase to make: Only by doing so can you more easily avoid damage to your own vehicle or others when parking and avoid expensive repair costs.

Bosch Relays

Maximum Reliability: Bosch Relays

Automotive systems rely on relays. Whether for wiper or fan motors, central locking, gasoline pump, or high-tech applications – relays are necessary in a number of places in the vehicle to close or separate electrical circuits. Bosch supplies relays for the specific requirements of every vehicle model. If a relay should fail, Bosch will have the appropriate replacement. The range is comprehensive, including small and micro relays as well as power relays. You can even find suitable relays for several older and classic vehicles. First-class Bosch quality guarantees durability and high reliability.

Bosch Sensors

For Perfect Regulation and Control: Bosch Sensors

Sensors are your vehicle’s “sensory system”. Sensor signals are vital for many control and regulation functions and also for safety and comfort. As the world's largest manufacturer, Bosch offers all important groups of sensors for practically every vehicle model – from engine management to passive driving safety. Whether lambda sensors, air-mass meters, pressure, temperature, knock, or speed sensors – Bosch sensors are characterized by first-class quality, high precision, and a long service life.

Bosch Connectors

100 Cables, 1 Connector

Bosch offers a comprehensive range of connectors for diverse electrical connections concerning the automotive and commercial-vehicle sectors. Right from the start, Bosch works closely with the vehicle manufacturers to develop new plug-in connections.

Bosch Electric Motors

Custom-Made Performance: Bosch Electric Motors

Electric motors perform numerous important tasks in your vehicle. They reliably ensure your safety and comfort. As Europe's largest manufacturer of electric motors, Bosch offers an extensive product range: from individual components up to complete modules. It includes electric motors, engine cooling fans, and system solutions for interior comfort systems, for wipers, and for thermal management – for practically every vehicle and for all performance ranges in first-class Bosch quality.

Bosch Horns

Bosch Horns and Fanfares: More than 80 years of setting the tone

Since 1921 Bosch has been supplying powerful acoustic signalling devices featuring the latest technology, absolutely reliable operation and a long service life. When it comes to selecting signalling devices, renowned vehicle manufacturers throughout the world put their trust in first-class genuine Bosch quality.

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