Aerpro Car Audio Parts

Aerpro Car Audio Parts

Aerpro Australia

Aerpro is a range of aftermarket auto parts & accessories. We design new and OEM replacement parts for your ride.

Car Antennas

Did you know that antennas are Aerpro's original business. Aerpro actually stands for AERial PROfessional!. Aerpro have been making antennas now for 30 Years. when it comes to antennas for cars, nobody comes close to matching our range in terms of stocked lines, quality and innovation. NOBODY!

Bluetooth Car Kits

Aerpro's bluetooth and wireless kits enable you to safely use your phone whilst driving, or stream music from your device, to your car stereo.

Car Audio Leads

"Get connected" with Aerpro's range of leads and adapters.

Amp Wiring Kits

Aerpro's amplifier wiring kits have been one of the backbones of their business for almost 30 years. if you're looking for something to get the job done with a limited budget try the BSX range but if you want the MAX then MAX-Core is the answer to all your dreams and its still affordable!

Car Audio Harnesses

Aerpro's range of Steering Wheel Controls and Harnesses help you install an aftermarket headunit into your vehicle without modifying or damaging your cars existing wiring.

Reversing Camera Systems

Adding a reversing camera to your vehicle will not only make it safer but allow you to reverse park with ease. We have an extensive range of rear-view monitors and vehicle specific cameras to suit your needs.

Car Phone Brackets

In most states and territories it is now illegal to operate or even touch your mobile device for any reason unless the device is held in place ( Fixed to the vehicle with a phone holder. Why take the risk?

Car Facia Kits

Aerpro's range of Facia kits help you install an aftermarket headunit into your vehicle without modifying or damaging your cars existing wiring.

Subwoofer Boxes

Aerpro's sub boxes were custom engineered by our team of experts. The enclosure ranges from a low-priced entry level simple enclosure, to the Heavy hitting 21mm thick Royal with Cheese for Hi SPL applications. All of our Subwoofer Boxes are tuned by professionals for the optimal output for their respective budget and applications.

We supply the full range of Aerpro products including car amp wiring kits, car power & speaker cables, car audio accessories, car audio leads, car mobile lighting, car in-dash mounting kits car amp wiring kits, car harnesses, car antennas, subwoofer boxes, car speakers & spacers, car mounting brackets, wireless & bluetooth car amp wiring kits, digital media, ipod mp3 accessories, rear view camera, audio visual, car facias, car neons, car wiring harness, car amp wiring kits

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