Xray Vision LED Worklights

Xray Vision LED Work Lights


New Xray Vision LED Worklights


Introducing the new LED worklights that are now part of the extensive Xray Vision lighting product range. With four new models that range from 15 Watts right up to the super wide beam 30 Watt, there’s an Xray Vision worklight to suit any application – plus the added benefit of low current draw and long service life make these lights great value for money!


The WL5154T-LED is a 15 Watt square body LED worklight that produces a 20º trapezoid beam pattern that shines 65 metres at 1 lux. Featuring 5x 3 Watt high intensity LEDs, this model produces a decent 900 lumens of light output.


The WL9270F-LED round body and WL9274F-LED square body LED worklights both produce a 40º flood beam pattern that shines 40 metres at 1 lux. Featuring 9x 3 Watt high intensity LEDs, these two worklights produce an impressive 1620 lumens of light output each!


And finally the WL3304F-LED square body, heavy duty LED worklight that shines 28 metres at 1 lux, but has a flood beam that covers an astonishing 100º pattern! This super wide-beam worklight produces 2660 lumens of light output via 30x 1 Watt LEDs, while only drawing 1 amp on 12 Volts and 0.5 amp on 24 Volts.

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