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Bosch Automotive Bulbs

Back in 1913, Bosch introduced its first electrical lighting system for vehicles. This later spurred the introduction of complementary lighting products such as car lamps, driving lamps, and also expanded the portfolio to include automotive bulbs, work lamps and industrial beacons.
Today, Bosch's bulb portfolio offers a wide range of bulb products ranging from classic replacements to high performance options, and is continuously innovating to bring you the most modern technology at the highest quality.

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Light up your world ahead

Bosch Automotive Bulbs

*Not all bulbs are suitable for all vehicles. Please Search Here to find your specific vehicle.



Headlight Bulbs:
Interior Light:
Glove-Box Light:


R2 Halogen












Dashboard Light:
W3W, W5W, W1,2W
Side turn signal:
Front turn signal:
Parking Light:
R5W, T4W, W5W, W3W, W21/5W
Tail Lamp:
W5W, T4W, C5W, P21/4W, P21/5W,
P21W, R10W, R5W
Rear turn signal:
Backup Light:
P21/5W, P21W, W16W
License plate Light:
Trunk Light:
Fog Warning Light:
Stop Lamp:

Now available: Bosch Bulb Kits


Let these nifty kits be your saviour in your time of need. Each kit comes stocked with common bulbs, that fit most cars, helping you get out of an emergency situation and arrive safely. Best of all, they will fit in your glove box, allowing for easy and convenient storage.





  Size (HxWxD): 112 x 63 x 52mm Size (HxWxD): 113 x 90 x 53mm  
  Kit Comprises of: Kit Comprises of:  
  • Either H1 / H4 / H7, x1
  • P21W x1
  • R5W x1
  • T4W x1
  • 10A fuse x1
  • 15A fuse x1
  • 20A fuse x1
  • Either H1 / H4 / H7 / H1+H7, x1
  • C5W x1
  • P21W x1
  • PY21W x1
  • P21/5W x1
  • R5W x1
  • T4W x1
  • W5W x1
  • 10A fuse x2
  • 15A fuse x1
  • 20A fuse x1