Bosch 0001363117 Starter Motor

Bosch 0001363117 Starter Motor

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Bosch 0001363117 Starter Motor

Technical Information:

Designation Starter
Nominal voltage 24,000 V
Part number 0001363117
Rated power 2,60 kW
Type formula IF (R) 24V 2.6 KW

Can be used instead of the following products:

CHRYSLER 035530053A
CHRYSLER 35530053A

Suitable for the following vehicles:

GOLDONI 1055 31KW/ 42PS 1.8l 03.1987 - 04.1990
GOLDONI 3050 31KW/ 42PS 1.8l 04.1986 - 06.1991
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 106KW/ 144PS 4.2l 01.1984 -
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 110KW/ 150PS 3.6l 05.1983 - 06.1985
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 162KW/ 220PS 3.8l 11.1989 -
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 23KW/ 31PS 1.4l 01.1986 -
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 29KW/ 40PS 1.8l 01.1978 - 12.1984
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 31KW/ 42PS 1.8l 01.1984 - 06.1985
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 33KW/ 45PS 2.0l 01.1986 -
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 53KW/ 72PS 2.8l 01.1986 -
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 54KW/ 73PS 2.8l 09.1989 -
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 59KW/ 80PS 2.2l 05.1983 - 06.1985
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 63KW/ 86PS 2.4l 05.1983 - 06.1985
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 65KW/ 88PS 2.8l 09.1989 -
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 68KW/ 93PS 2.1l 05.1985 -
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 70KW/ 95PS 2.4l 04.1989 -
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 71KW/ 96PS 2.8l 01.1984 - 10.1986
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 74KW/ 100PS 2.4l 06.1982 - 12.1990
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 74KW/ 100PS 2.4l 12.1983 - 12.1990
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 82KW/ 112PS 2.4l 01.1989 -
VM (MOTORI/STABILIMENTI MEC.) 85KW/ 116PS 2.4l 04.1989 -

Additional Info

Additional Info

Model No
Manufacturer Bosch
Barcode No
SKU 0001363117

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